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Guide to Getting PBIS off the Ground

Getting Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) off the ground requires reliable data, shared adult mindsets, and data-based decision-making. But how can PBIS leadership facilitate all that?

Our new guide Getting PBIS off the Ground: How District Leaders Are Rising To Meet the Biggest Challenges provides proven strategies and tactics to solve the thorniest PBIS problems.

Download the Guide to Getting PBIS off the Ground


What You'll Learn From the Guide

In this guide we describe the three big challenges of implementing PBIS:

  1. The effort needed to collect behavior data is too high 
  2. Staff struggles to improve behavior 
  3. Administrators lack actionable data insights to improve programs 

The guide provides strategies to address all three by teaching you how to:

  1. Streamline behavior data collection
  2. Shift adult mindsets to make a big impact on behavior
  3. Create a framework for interpreting behavior data

You’ll also get expert advice from school and district leaders who've been there, as well as resource lists that will help you take the next steps.

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Guide

Dr. Krista Barton, Program Specialist, Support Services, Santa Ana Unified School District, CA, is one of the experts we feature in the guide. Take a peek at what she says about creating alternatives to systems that exclude students:

"Suspending and expelling doesn’t teach the students the correct behaviors. They come back onto campus and they exhibit them again and then they’re excluded again…. We have to put systems in place to prevent the need for suspensions in the first place and to give alternatives to suspension that keep the kids in school with other options for learning correct behavior."

Dr. Krista BartonDr. Krista Barton, Program Specialist, Support Services, Santa Ana Unified School District, CA

In this guide, education experts across the country share their insights on collecting behavior data with fidelity, giving teachers the skills to build relationships with students, and making PBIS program decisions based on solid data analysis.

If you're struggling to implement PBIS, you're not alone. 

Download the Guide to Getting PBIS off the Ground

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