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North Carolina

A Powerful Technology Platform to Support North Carolina Students

Join the North Carolina school districts that are using Panorama's tools to support student success. 

Align to NC DPI guidance and requirements


Simplify graduation tracking with automation


Move from measurement to action

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North Carolina

Powering school improvement in North Carolina school districts.


See how Panorama aligns to NCStar Key Indicators for school improvement planning to support North Carolina Districts.

NCStar Key Indicator


North Carolina districts leverage performance data across academics, behavior, attendance, assessment, social-emotional learning, school climate, & family engagement data to inform school improvement planning, and professional development needs.

NCStar Key Indicator


North Carolina districts can see up to date Academic, Behavior, Attendance, SEL, and Benchmark Assessment data in one space. Educators can easily assign and manage evidence-based interventions across multiple tiers of support—core, supplemental, and intensive—and can collaborate with interventionists, support staff, and administrators.

NCStar Key Indicator


North Carolina school districts are gathering highly impactful Family Engagement data along Karen Mapp’s Dual Capacity Framework to help make decisions on supporting parents/guardians to play an impactful role in student learning.

NCStar Key Indicator


North Carolina districts employ effective classroom management and reinforce classroom rules and procedures by positively teaching them and encouraging positive behavior. 

NCStar Key Indicator


​​North Carolina districts asking students and teachers to reflect on SEL through surveys, schools and districts can gather actionable data to better understand how to support students socially and emotionally. Panorama’s Social-Emotional Learning Survey helps educators measure and improve SEL in three areas: Student competencies, School Supports & environments, and Adult Skills & Perceptions. 


MTSS at Durham Public Schools with Panorama Student Success

Hear how Durham Public Schools' partnership with Panorama is giving educators the data they need—in one platform—to better serve every student within MTSS.


“Often, we want to start with academics. Really, we should be looking at attendance, engagement, and SEL—what's going on in students' lives? Panorama Student Success has helped us look deeper instead of jumping straight to academics.”

Alison Augustson

Elementary MTSS Coordinator

“At Stough, they've been learning from more families and how to best build family-school partnerships. The principal saw, in Panorama, that families could be better reached, and is now taking action on that data.”

Kelly Harvell

Family Engagement Coordinator, WCPSS (NC)

Amanda Walker, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (NC)
Alexandra Armor, M.Ed., Durham Public Schools (NC)
Rhonda G. Harris, M.Ed, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (NC)
Kathy FitzJefferies, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (NC)
Rená Keith, Johnston County Public Schools (NC)


Automated Monitoring for On-Time Graduation

High school graduation pathways can be complex in North Carolina. They include the Future-Ready Course of Study (FRC) requirements, additional credits mandated by local districts, an Occupational Course of Study option, and more. For a counselor with an average caseload of 400 students, manually tracking these requirements can negatively impact graduation due to missed transcript errors, scheduling mistakes, and pathway misalignment. Mesa Cloud automates credit tracking so North Carolina counselors can worry less about making a mistake and have more time working directly with students. And district leaders can be sure that they have the best system to satisfy all requirements and deliver positive results to their community.

Proud member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium

Proud member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium