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Quick, Versatile Student Check-Ins

Student Check-In

A critical supplement to Panorama’s feedback surveys to support students’ well-being and academic needs

With Panorama’s check-ins tool, educators can collect quick perception data from students to deliver frequent, rapid supports throughout the year.

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Easily create and send check-ins to students

Create check-ins to understand students' well-being or classroom feedback by following up on a survey response or in between survey windows. Select from Panorama's bank of 80+ check-in questions, or add content specific to your district’s needs.

Learn about 15 ways educators can use Panorama's student check-ins.

Panorama Student Check-Ins: instantly review results and explore trends

Instantly review results and explore trends

Get students' responses back instantly to investigate trends and deliver Tier 1 support. Understand who needs extra support right now academically, socially, and emotionally. 

Panorama Student Check-Ins: easily create and send check ins to students

Create customized action plans to improve student outcomes

Follow-up with individual students, plan targeted interventions, or refine school and district-wide practices in response to the data. Use check-ins in conjunction with Panorama surveys and MTSS tools to provide comprehensive supports across all tiers.