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Getting the most out of Panorama’s platform is easy because we can import data from many popular Student Information Systems (SIS) and commonly used assessments. We offer unlimited integrations, so you don’t have to pick and choose what data you want to include with Panorama. Panorama syncs nightly with many platforms so each morning your students’ information is up to date and ready to go!

A list of the integrations we support are below. If you do not see one of your technology platforms on the list, this likely means that we have not previously integrated data from that system or are in the process of expanding our support. Contact us to find out how Panorama can still support your school and district.

Panorama Supported Data Systems

Panorama has experience integrating and importing data from the following platforms, depending on the capabilities of each system and how the data is used in each of Panorama’s products. We add to this page periodically, so keep checking back to see new integrations that have been added.


Panorama offers multiple options for securely accessing each of your data systems, depending on the type of data and capabilities of each vendor. The exact integration process will depend on the systems used and Panorama products purchased by the district. Typically, there are two methods of integration:

  1. Direct Access : Panorama automatically exports data each night using APIs and automated data exports - fast, easy and secure.
  2. Secure File Transfer : Districts provide data file exports from a system which are then imported to Panorama via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).