Survey Instruments

Check-ins Question Bank

Student Check-ins Question Bank

Download 80 questions to check-in on student well-being, SEL skills, relationships, and classroom feedback.
Social-Emotional Learning Survey

Social-Emotional Learning Survey

Download Panorama's Social-Emotional Learning Survey to access our topics and questions for students and adults.
Panorama Equity and Inclusion Survey

Panorama Equity and Inclusion Survey

Download the Panorama Equity and Inclusion Survey to learn how to measure students' experiences of diversity, equity, and inclusion in school.

Panorama Teacher and Staff Survey

Panorama Teacher and Staff Survey

Panorama Teacher Survey User Guide-2022 (dragged)

Panorama Teacher Survey

Download the Panorama Teacher Survey to collect feedback from teachers on school climate, leadership, professional learning, coaching, and more.
Panorama Family Survey User Guide 2022 (dragged)

Family-School Relationships Survey

Download the Family-School Relationships Survey User Guide to measure parent attitudes and build parent capacity in your school community.
Panorama Well-Being Survey

Panorama Well-Being Survey

Download the Panorama Well-Being Survey user guide to view our research-backed topics and questions for measuring student well-being.
Panorama Student Survey

Panorama Student Survey

Download the Panorama Student Survey User Guide and view the full survey for use with students in your classroom, school, and district.
Survey Design Checklist

Survey Design Checklist

View Panorama's best practices for survey design, based on research by Dr. Hunter Gehlbach and his team from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Guides and Toolkits

Fan - Family Engagment toolkit

Family Engagement Toolkit

Download our top resources for assessing and strengthening family engagement. 
Behavior Incident Report Toolkit

Behavior Incident Report Templates

Download the same questions asked in Panorama's Behavior Logging app, plus a guide to collecting actionable behavior incident report data.

Fan - behavior toolkit

From the Central Office to the Classroom: The Complete Guide to Using Behavior-Specific Praise in Your District

 Download this toolkit to equip teachers and staff to use behavior-specific praise to create positive, engaging learning environments.
Getting PBIS Off The Ground - Thumbnail

Getting PBIS off the Ground

If you're struggling to implement PBIS, you're not alone. Download the free guide and find proven solutions to your thorniest problems.
Sel For Small Teams

SEL for Small Teams with Big Dreams

Download resources for getting started with SEL, no matter the size of your district. 
2022 Adult SEL Thumbnail

Adult SEL Toolkit for 2022-23

Download our top district resources for assessing and strengthening adult SEL.
re brand Preview image for download page 4 Thumbs

Building Family Understanding of Social-Emotional Learning

Download the toolkit to get the language and resources you need to communicate with families about social-emotional learning and engage them as partners.
PBIS Big 5 Thumb

PBIS Team Toolkit: 4 Templates and Worksheets

Build your PBIS team's capacity for data-inquiry, action-planning, and implementing tiered intervention supports with this toolkit of editable templates and worksheets.

Brand Update 5 Strategies to Build Student Belonging thumb

5 Strategies to Build Student Belonging

Help students in your district thrive academically, socially, and emotionally by building a strong sense of belonging with these 5 strategies. 
thumb Re Brand A District Leader’s Guide to Building Teacher Capacity for SEL (dragged)

A District Leader's Guide: Building Teacher Capacity for SEL

Explore resources, strategies, and insights from educators to help you build teacher capacity for SEL in your school or district. 

6-small-group-sel-interventions-book (1)

Small-Group SEL Facilitation Guides [6 Activities]

Download a toolkit of 6 small-group SEL interventions, with instructions for use included.
Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.59.43 AM-1

How to Engage Families in SEL [Templates and Protocols]

Explore resources for engaging families in your social-emotional learning strategy.

7 Must-Ask Questions About Equity for District Teams

Download this guide to learn the seven key questions that can help you get started with an equity audit in your district.

7 Must-Ask Questions About Equity for District Teams

Download Guide:

Sel job descriptions

7 Ready-to-Use SEL Job Descriptions

Download these pre-written SEL job descriptions to grow your district's social-emotional learning team. 

3 Questions Every Data-Driven MTSS Team Must Ask Weekly

Use these questions to drive your next Student Support Team meeting (remote or in-person!).

SEL Interventions

15 SEL Intervention Ideas for School and District Teams

Download this collection of low-lift, curriculum-based social-emotional learning interventions.
SEL and Equity Guide

The District Leader's Guide to SEL and Equity

Access strategies and advice from 32 district leaders on advancing equity and social-emotional learning.  
SEL Playbook for Superintendents

SEL Playbook for Superintendents

In this playbook, 18 superintendents share their best social-emotional learning leadership advice. Download it now.
MTSS Self-Assessment

MTSS Self-Assessment

Download this self-assessment to collect educator perceptions of the state of your MTSS program.
Interventions Progress Monitoring Toolkit

Interventions and Progress Monitoring Toolkit

Access free templates and worksheets for intervention planning and progress monitoring to level up your MTSS/RTI program. 
How School Districts Measure SEL to Support the Whole Student

How School Districts Measure SEL to Support the Whole Student

Learn how school districts are measuring and improving students' SEL, from growth mindset to sense of belonging.
Brief: What New Research Tells Us About SEL and the ABCs of Student Success

Brief: What New Research Tells Us About SEL and the ABCs of Student Success

Read about our latest research on the connections between SEL and the ABCs of student success: attendance, behavior, and course performance.

Solving the 5 Biggest Challenges of MTSS: How Districts Streamline Tiered Interventions

Learn concrete strategies for overcoming the biggest obstacles of getting started with MTSS and RTI. 
Early Warning System and MTSS Toolkit

Early Warning System Toolkit

Learn strategies and tools for implementing an early warning system within a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), featuring educators from Waltham Public Schools (MA).
Reducing Barriers to Family Engagement

Reducing Barriers to Family Engagement

Learn how to effectively engage families in your school or district, as students with engaged families earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, and are more likely to graduate.
How to Get Started: Addressing Disproportionate Discipline

How to Get Started: Addressing Disproportionate Discipline

Learn how district leaders in San Bernardino City Unified School District (CA) are using multiple sources of data to collaborate and to address discipline disproportionality for minority students.

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