Survey Instruments

Panorama Student Survey

Download the Panorama Student Survey User Guide and view the full survey for use with students in your classroom, school, and district.

Social-Emotional Learning Measures

Download Panorama's measures of Social-Emotional Learning and learn how schools and districts partner with Panorama on SEL programs.

Family-School Relationships Survey

Download the Family-School Relationships Survey User Guide to measure parent attitudes and build parent capacity in your school community.

Panorama Teacher Survey

Download the Panorama Teacher Survey to collect feedback from teachers on school climate, leadership, professional learning, coaching, and more.

'Get to Know You' Survey

Explore Panorama's 'Get to Know You' interactive survey tool that supports teachers in building strong classroom relationships with their students.

Survey Design Checklist

View Panorama's best practices for survey design, based on research by Dr. Hunter Gehlbach and his team from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Guides & Case Studies

Scaling Social-Emotional Learning in Fresno Unified

Learn how district leaders in Fresno Unified School District promote student success through social-emotional learning measurement and a culture of collaboration.

Using Social-Emotional Learning Data to Improve Academic Achievement

Learn how school and district leaders in Long Beach Unified School District use SEL data to improve students’ math and English Language Arts achievement.

Reducing Barriers to Family Engagement

Learn how to effectively engage families in your school or district, as students with engaged families earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, and are more likely to graduate.

Measuring and Improving Family Engagement

Learn how Wake County Public Schools (NC) is strengthening family engagement by pairing the Dual Capacity-Building Framework with family feedback surveys.

How to Get Started: Addressing Disproportionate Discipline

Learn how student services leaders in San Bernardino City Unified School District (CA) are using multiple sources of data to collaborate and to address discipline disproportionality for minority students.

Creating a Roadmap for Social-Emotional Learning

Learn how district leaders in Everett Public Schools (WA) are developing a coordinated, district-wide approach to support students' social-emotional learning and well-being.

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