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Panorama Teacher Retention

Collect professional feedback from educators to improve teacher retention
and working conditions.
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About the Survey

Effectively supporting and retaining teachers is a strategic priority for many districts and schools. A struggle to attract and keep high-quality educators creates barriers to student success. As the teacher turnover rate continues to rise and teacher preparation programs experience declining enrollment, education leaders must focus on new ways to build a more resilient workforce.

Conducting a teacher retention survey can help administrators better measure and address teacher and staff professional needs, sense of belonging, and overall job satisfaction.

Panorama's research-backed teacher retention survey questions make it possible to gather valid, reliable feedback from all educators. The questions are designed to elevate the voices of educators and capture feedback about topics related to working conditions. Survey data can be used to uncover trends within the school community, inform individualized professional development sessions, and foster a supportive school climate.

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Understand what teachers and staff need to thrive

The Panorama Teacher Retention Survey collects teacher and staff perceptions on topics including feedback and coaching, school climate, school leadership, teaching efficacy, sense of belonging, staff-family relations, resources, and well-being.

As with all Panorama surveys, districts and schools can customize their surveys to select the topics that align to strategic goals and priorities.

The Teacher Retention Survey questions were developed under Dr. Hunter Gehlbach, a leader in the field of survey methodology and senior research advisor to Panorama Education.

Panorama offers all of our survey instruments open-source as part of our mission to improve education for every student.

How Panorama Supports the Statewide Kentucky Educator Survey

The Kentucky Department of Education partners with Panorama to administer a statewide working conditions survey: Impact Kentucky.

Learn how one Kentucky district, Boone County Schools, works with Panorama to capture feedback data from teachers and create a positive school climate for adults and students.