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School Climate Survey

Use Panorama's research-backed surveys for students, families, teachers and staff to better understand and build a positive school climate in your school district.

Powerful analytics tools and support for measuring school climate

Use Panorama's valid and reliable student survey to collect feedback from elementary school, middle school, and high school students. Hear from school personnel and families through a staff survey and parent survey.

Partner with the Panorama team to unpack survey responses and identify opportunities to improve the learning environment and school experiences.

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We help school and district leaders run effective school climate surveys across 3 key areas:


School Climate & Culture

Social and learning climate of the school environment, including rules and norms, behaviors, student engagement, and physical facilities.


Positive Relationships

Social connections and interpersonal relationships between students and teachers, like sense of belonging and valuing of school.


School Safety

Physical and psychological climate and safety at school, including bullying, violence, and availability of support for students.


Powering school improvement with leading districts nationwide.


“On our journey to improve school quality, we asked ourselves, ‘Are we meeting the requirements of our students and families?’ One of those requirements is a safe, caring, welcoming environment, and we now have a better tool to measure that in a reliable and valid way.”

Dr. Mike Kimbrel

Executive Director of Quality & Evaluation - Park Hill School District (MO)

A seamless survey administration and accessible survey results

With Panorama, you can easily create online surveys and view school climate data with in-depth reports and analytics, featuring:

National Benchmarks

Compare your survey data to our national benchmarks on school climate and dozens of other topics. 

national benchmarks

Group Analysis

Understand the perspectives of different groups in your school community with analyses by race/ethnicity, gender, grade level, FRPL status, and more. 

group analysis

360° Survey Tools

Measure school climate across different groups in your community with surveys for students, families, teachers and staff. 

360 survey tools

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