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See how Panorama aligns to Ohio’s Whole Child Framework to Support Ohio Districts

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Strengthen the Ohio Whole-Child Framework in Your District With Panorama Student Success

The Ohio Whole-Child Framework recognizes that students can only engage in learning and social activities when their basic needs are met. Like this framework, Panorama Student Success puts the whole child at the center of learning.

Ohio’s Whole Child Framework

Continuous Improvement Process

Determine the school or district’s priority needs by including diverse stakeholder engagement and data analysis, including the tenets of the Whole Child Framework that will be included in the school or district’s continuous improvement plan.

Ohio’s Whole Child Framework

Supported & Challenged

Give each student access to a multi-tiered academic, social, emotional, physical and behavioral support system.

Ohio’s Whole Child Framework

Family and Community Partnerships

Engage families and communities to best align efforts to support students’ needs. Schools create systematic and multiple ways for families to engage and contribute to their children’s education and school. 

Ohio’s Whole Child Framework

Behavioral Health Services

Support the behavioral health of students and promote success in the learning process. 

Ohio’s Whole Child Framework

Social-Emotional Learning

​​Challenge and prepare Ohio’s students to become resilient, persistent, lifelong learners with by building social-emotional skills. 


Hear from Ohio Partners

“As we focus on the addition of social-emotional learning to our everyday life, we need to realize that it is not an ‘and' that will come at the expense of our academic work. It's an ‘and' that allows us to build on our academic work.”

Dr. John Marschhausen

Superintendent of Ohio’s Dublin City Schools

Proud member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium

Proud member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium