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Panorama Behavior Logging & Analytics

Panorama Education Student Behavior Software

Collect and act on essential student behavior data to strengthen your MTSS practice

With Panorama Behavior Logging & Analytics, educators and administrators can drive whole child supports with streamlined Big 5 behavior data.

Students Positive Behavior

Get a full view of student behavior in your schools

Panorama Behavior helps connect the dots across academics, attendance, behavior and SEL.

Pyramid - Reliable MTSS data

Reliable MTSS data

When used alongside Student Success, Panorama Behavior can reduce the number of systems you need to collect and analyze data.

Laptop - Easy Behavior Logging

Configurable behavior logging

Collect required data for major and minor behavior incidents by configuring the logging fields to your needs. 

Data Graph - Quicker Insights

Quicker insights

From behavior incident reporting to teacher dashboards, get a full view of behavior in your school or district to better understand trends. 


Proud to partner with 2,000 school districts

Dallas Independent School District
San Francisco Public Schools
Detroit Public Schools Community District
Indianapolis Public Schools
Indianapolis Public Schools

The tools you need to support behavior

Implement a research-based, and data-driven approach to improving student behavior and outcomes in your district. 

Green Check - Log Behavior Incidents

Log behavior incidents

Green Check - Analyze the data in real time

Analyze the data in real time

Improve tiered supports

Improve tiered supports


Behavior Logging

Standardize data collection across your district by customizing behavior logging fields and definitions to your reporting requirements and programs.

Panorama Education student behavior management software

Behavior Analytics

See all of your school or district’s behavior data in one place, so you can make informed decisions about resources, programs, and student supports. Panorama’s powerful visualizations show Big 5 trends, major and minor incident rates.

 Behavior report via Panorama student behavior software

Check-in / Check-out

With Panorama Student Success alongside Panorama for Positive Behavior, use behavior incident data like perceived motivation to more precisely identify students who would benefit from the leading Tier 2 behavior intervention, Check-in / Check-out (CICO).

Then view progress data directly in Panorama, clearly chart progress over time, follow best practices through an evidence-based points system, and view key measures of fidelity.

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Check-in/Check out report via Panorama student behavior software

Creating a Data-Driven Approach to PBIS in Pittsfield Public Schools (MA)

Discover how Pittsfield Public Schools—a district of 5,000 students and 14 schools in Pittsfield, MA—uses accessible, actionable behavior data to create safe and predictable learning environments for all students.

Pittsfield Public Schools - Data-driven approach to PBIS

Privacy, safety, and trust at Panorama Education

Panorama follows best practices for data privacy and security. Our data security supports districts in complying with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), as well as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Group of teachers displaying concerns about student behavior

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