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A Powerful Technology Platform to Support California Students

Join the California school districts that are using Panorama's tools to support student success. 

Align to CDE guidance for LCAP and CA MTSS


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Powering school improvement in California school districts.

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See how Panorama aligns to CDE guidance to support California Districts

Featured Resource

LCAP Alignment Guide

Collect feedback from students and families to drive strategic planning around school climate and culture. Learn about how Panorama reporting supports LCAP development in California.

Partner Spotlight

Measuring Social-Emotional Learning at Fresno Unified School District

How one of California’s largest school districts promotes student success through SEL measurement and a culture of collaboration.

CDE Guidance

Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Engage students, staff, parents, and community members with community surveys to measure and report progress towards your LCAP goals. 

CDE Guidance

California MTSS Framework

Discover how Panorama aligns academic, behavioral, social and emotional learning, and mental health supports in a fully integrated support system for the benefit of all students.

CDE Guidance

LCAP Priority 3 (Parental Involvement and Family Engagement)

Develop strong family-school partnerships that  are critical in promoting improved student outcomes. Address Priority 3 within your local control and accountability plan (LCAP), by measuring progress towards this local indicator.

CDE Guidance

California MTSS Framework

Provide inclusive behavior instruction, universal behavior supports, and interventions to encourage positive behavior.

CDE Guidance

California Community Schools Framework

Learn how Panorama aligns with the Four Pillars of California Community Schools and helps support whole-child development.  Discover how our tools can help districts effectively utilize grant funds, understand district needs, and drive student results.

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CDE Guidance

California’s Social and Emotional Learning Guiding Principles 

Improve students’ social and emotional skills by tracking linked outcomes such as the quality of opportunities for students to learn and practice social and emotional skill building. Educators that choose to directly assess students’ social and emotional skills should use evidence-based, improvement-focused tools.


Hear from California Partners

“Our partnership with Panorama has been great and always well-supported. Our questions and our next steps have always been very collaboratively done.”

Jim Feffer

Director of Assessment and Data Analysis, Palm Springs Unified School District (CA)

“MTSS is a culture of supporting all students. It doesn't matter if the student has a label. If a student needs a support or a service, we need to deliver it as quickly as possible. Having Panorama is the first time we've had concrete data in order to provide social-emotional supports for all students.”

Jessica Warren

Teacher on Special Assignment for MTSS

Rowena Mak, Saddleback Valley Unified (CA)
Jim Feffer, Palm Springs Unified School District (CA)
Dr. Eboni Kemp, Rialto Unified School District (CA)


Automated Monitoring for On-Time Graduation

High school graduation pathways can be complex in California. They include a state-mandated set of courses, additional requirements defined by local education agencies (LEAs), a Career Technical Education option, and more. For a counselor with an average caseload of 400 students, manually tracking these requirements can negatively impact graduation due to missed transcript errors, scheduling mistakes, and pathway misalignment. Mesa Cloud automates credit tracking so California counselors can worry less about making a mistake and have more time working directly with students. And district leaders can be sure that they have the best system to satisfy all requirements and deliver positive results to their community.

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