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Whiteboard Videos

Understanding Survey Validity

with Hunter Gehlbach, Ph.D.

Learn the fundamentals of survey reliability and validity. Dr. Hunter Gehlbach details these important properties and how Panorama designs valid and reliable survey instruments through a rigorous development process.


Principles of Survey Design

with Hunter Gehlbach, Ph.D.

Collecting reliable perception data starts with using a high-quality survey instrument. Dr. Hunter Gehlbach describes 3 keys to designing surveys to serve as effective measurement instruments.


Preparing for Data Inquiry

with Rob Wessman, M.Ed.

Before launching a survey, it's critical to organize as a team and as individuals. Rob Wessman describes several strategies for engaging your teams, setting a focus area, and spreading the word about your survey.


Taking Action with Survey Data

with Rob Wessman, M.Ed.

How can you effectively take action based on your survey data? Rob Wessman describes how to use a data inquiry cycle that drives continuous improvement at your school or district.


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