A Resilient Reopening

3 Principles for Welcoming Students and Adults Back to School for 2020-21

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How Districts Are Centering Relationships and Systemic SEL for the Transition Back-to-School

Reopening and transition plans will take shape differently in every district. However, with everything that students and adults across the country have been through over the past year, it's clear that social-emotional learning (SEL) must be prioritized to help create the conditions for students to be able to access academic learning when they're back in the physical classroom.

 Learn more about how districts are prioritizing SEL and well-being in the transition back-to-school this fall.


As state and district leaders prepare for what schooling will look like in 2020 and beyond, there is an opportunity to identify evidence-based policies and practices that will enable them to seize this moment to rethink school in ways that can transform learning opportunities for students and teachers alike.

Linda Darling-Hammond

President and CEO, Learning Policy Institute

When we approach interventions in school buildings, we need to ensure that we focus on what is within our locus of control. What can we change to make the system better? Instead of operating with a deficit-lens, we need to know that it’s not the students who bring issues to our schools; rather, we need to consider how we are serving these students and how we can improve our systems.

Dr. Tracey Benson

Anti-Racist Leadership Consultant

Resilience is how we weather the storms in our lives. It’s how we bounce back after adversity. It’s about our ability to thrive.

Elena Aguilar

Founder, Bright Morning Consulting