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Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports


Strengthen your PBIS

With Panorama, integrate whole child data, systems, and practices to create schools where all students thrive.

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Powering school improvement with leading districts nationwide.

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Panorama supports the foundational aspects of your Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Make data-driven decisions with quality PBIS insights and data

An effective PBIS program starts with collecting and understanding your district’s behavior data. Panorama gives you visibility into the what, where, when, who, and how often (The “Big 5”) of behavior incidents.

Use Panorama for Student Success and Positive Behavior to connect behavior data with attendance, academic, and SEL data, and identify important whole child insights.

Unlock insights that help to match students with the best possible interventions. Then, track interventions like
Check-in / Check-out (CICO) with custom features like multiple-goal charting and daily point totals.

positive behavior administrators get quicker deeper insights and tools in order to support educators

Promote positive student behavior with social-emotional learning 

Taking a multi-tiered approach to social-emotional learning that drives student achievement and develops the whole child can enhance positive student behaviors with a better understanding of student needs and strengths. Get the insights to proactively deliver supports and interventions with Panorama for Social-Emotional Learning

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Build educator and PBIS team capacity

Panorama for Positive Behavior is a powerful suite of tools that supports a systemic, proactive, and research-based approach to improving student behavior and outcomes in your district.

From streamlined behavior logging, to tools to encourage positive behaviors, give teachers and staff the support they need to create a positive climate for all students.

positive behavior get a full view of what’s happening to students in your schools

“Suspending and expelling doesn’t teach the students the correct behaviors. They come back onto campus and they exhibit them again and then they’re excluded again…. We have to put systems in place to prevent the need for suspensions in the first place and to give alternatives to suspension that keep the kids in school with other options for learning correct behavior.”

Dr. Krista Barton

Program Specialist, Support Services, Santa Ana Unified School District, CA