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Social-Emotional Learning

Panorama Ranked #1 in SEL Measurement in Report from Tyton Partners and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

A 2020 report from Tyton Partners called "Finding Your Place: The Current State of K-12 Social Emotional Learning," supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has ranked Panorama Education the number one supplier of social-emotional learning (SEL) measurement tools.

The report is based on primary and secondary research conducted by the Tyton Partners, including a survey of K-12 district leaders, school leaders, and teachers in the U.S. that generated almost 3,000 responses. With the rise of interest in SEL in recent years, the report looks at the state of SEL adoption and implementation in schools and districts across the nation.

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 12.59.03 PMAccording to the report, SEL measurement—a category that includes tools such as surveys or assessments used to gauge progress on SEL, school climate, or safety for students and teachers—currently has 52 percent district adoption. 

The Panorama Social-Emotional Learning Survey has been taken by millions of students since its inception in 2014. The research-backed, open-source survey offers 22+ survey topics to measure students' social-emotional skills and competencies, including growth mindset, self-management, and social awareness. School and district leaders use Panorama survey data to identify students' social-emotional strengths and areas of need, integrate SEL into school improvement plans, differentiate supports for children, and address adult SEL.

Download the Panorama Social-Emotional Learning Survey.

Districts using Panorama's leading survey analytics platform can benchmark their results against peer schools and districts, disaggregate results by demographics to view the data through an equity lens, and access Panorama's Playbook for actionable, low-lift SEL strategies from expert organizations. Panorama supports many of the nation's largest districts, including DC Public Schools, Everett Public Schools (WA), Miami-Dade Public Schools (FL), and Washoe County School District (NV).

The Panorama SEL Survey aligns with CASEL's (Collaborative For Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) five core SEL competencies, which is ranked by Tyton Partners as the top SEL framework used by schools and districts today. 

The report also names Second Step and 7 Mindsets as two top SEL curriculum providers. Panorama is proud to partner with both of these organizations and provide access to their resources via our online professional learning library, Playbook.


SEL Measurement Adoption and Top 5 Suppliers (via Tyton Partners)

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 11.48.56 AMvia "Finding Your Place: The Current State of K-12 Social Emotional Learning" (Tyton Partners)


Additional findings from the report:

  • SEL has 99 percent awareness and 95 percent adoption in districts, with CASEL as the top source of information.
  • SEL offerings span five categories: curriculum, professional development, measurement, change management, and technical assistance.
  • SEL is most often used as an initiative to address student social emotional development, mental health, and/or educational equity.
  • There are three distinct SEL implementation models for grades K-5 (Strong Core, Balanced Curriculum, and Measurement First) and four distinct SEL implementation models for grades 6-12 (Integrated SEL, Dedicated PD, Measurement First, and Curriculum First).
  • Widespread SEL adoption among survey respondents is correlated with perceptions of progress on key educational goals. In addition, more integrated SEL implementation models are perceived as making more progress towards an ideal environment than other approaches.
  • Given the influx of new interest in SEL from schools in need of guidance on how to cope with the emotional challenges of remote learning and social isolation, the authors project that the 2020-21 school year could see "an acceleration in the growing adoption of SEL."

Download the full report at this link.

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