15 SEL Intervention Ideas for School and District Teams

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Explore Playbook, including hundreds of behavioral strategies, academic interventions, and SEL activities across all MTSS tiers.


Move From Understanding Student SEL Data to Taking Action

Playbook makes it easy to go from assessment to action. Move seamlessly from reviewing your Panorama survey data, or other student data, to addressing academic and behavior challenges for students–supporting them in making positive strides.

 Learn how Peoria Public Schools (IL) uses Playbook to act on student SEL data.

“One of the tools our teachers have found amazing in terms of learning how to improve student SEL data is Playbook. They love having the ability to look at strategies for specific topics (such as self-management and growth mindset). Playbook has a ton of resources, videos, and scripts to assist educators how to work with students to improve their SEL skills.”

Dr. Derrick Booth

Director of Social-Emotional Learning  -  Peoria Public Schools (IL)

Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum Partners

Districts and schools using Panorama's SEL measurement platform gain access to age-appropriate lesson plans, interventions, video-guided practices, and interactive activities from leading curriculum providers who specialize in student SEL and adult SEL.
These CASEL-aligned SEL programs are deliberately designed to foster core competencies such as self-management, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, relationship skills and social awareness while building students' social-emotional skills. By supporting the whole child and cultivating SEL skills across all grade levels (from elementary school to middle school and high school), we know that student's academic performance, mental health, and overall well-being can be improved.

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Hundreds of intervention strategies and lesson plans at your fingertips in Panorama's Playbook!

Panorama districts have access to hundreds of interactive lesson plans and activities that promote SEL skills, student well-being, and academic success in a variety of learning environments. Playbook also includes resources for leading professional development, practicing self-care for educator wellness, engaging families with activities to foster social and emotional development, and implementing school-wide practices to prioritize SEL instruction in your school district. 

Every SEL lesson aligns to the topics on the Panorama Social-Emotional Learning Survey and the Panorama Student Survey, making it easy to identify next steps and make data-driven decisions.



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