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Panorama Now Offers the Family-School Relationships Survey

Panorama Now Offers the Family-School Relationships Survey



We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our survey offerings!

The Family-School Relationships Survey enables us at Panorama to help school, network, and district leaders understand and develop relationships with families in a cooperative effort to make schools and classrooms the best places they can be for students.

Family-School Relationships SurveyEducators and education researchers agree: schools that can get families more engaged find that their students earn higher grades, score higher on tests, develop better social skills, and are more likely to graduate. Building partnerships between schools and families is absolutely critical to student success-- and to creating safe and supportive school communities.

The Family-School Relationships Survey, a survey instrument designed for parents and guardians that has already been used in thousands of schools across the United States, was developed to measure the underlying topics that bolster family engagement. By asking about key family-school relationship topics like school climate, barriers to family engagement, and roles and responsibilities between schools and families, the Family-School Relationships Survey allows schools, districts and networks to assess the attitudes of families towards their school community as well as how to build family capacity to support student learning outside of school.

The research team behind the survey was led by Dr. Hunter Gehlbach, Associate Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and Director of Research at Panorama Education, with Dr. Karen Mapp, a prominent scholar and advisor to the US Department of Education on Family-School Relationships and Dr. Richard Weissbourd of HGSE. Initial research support was provided by SurveyMonkey, Inc.

By using the Family-School Relationships Survey to examine the qualities and characteristics of family engagement in their community, schools, districts and networks can begin building lasting partnerships to promote student academic and social success.

Who Should Use This Survey?

The Family-School Relationships Survey is designed to be used by principals, district staff, school boards, state Departments of Education, or parent/teacher organizations. The survey can be administered to any K-12 school community (public, private, independent, charter, urban, or rural) and has already been used by thousands of schools nationwide to explore the quality of family engagement in different environments.

At Panorama, we have supported over 100,000 surveys of parents and guardians from schools across the country in the past year. By making the Family-School Relationships Survey available through Panorama, we now support the latest in family-school relations and survey methodology, backed by a powerful technology platform.

Interested in working with Panorama?

Panorama offers validated survey instruments that schools, districts and networks can use to measure what matters in their communities. Our client services team works directly with educators to design and implement school surveys that meet their community’s needs, including running online surveys, or on paper and in multiple languages. Using the feedback data collected by these validated survey instruments, Panorama creates individualized, interactive reports for each teacher, principal and superintendent that highlight strengths and opportunities for growth. Panorama partners with schools, districts, and networks to strategize about the best way to collect data and the most effective ways to implement changes in classrooms and schools.

Interested in learning more about family engagement surveys? Schedule a time to discuss programs to meet your needs!

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