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Announcing Panorama's Family & Student Survey in Spanish

Few things make us as excited as announcing a new set of resources for educators. Today, Panorama Education is releasing complete Spanish translations of our Panorama Student Survey and the Family-School Relationships Survey. Both of these translations are fully supported on the Panorama platform. They are available for download through each of our survey pages on Panorama's resources page.

These translations are an important step for extending our commitment to support as many students and families as possible in schools, districts and networks around the country. Reaching community stakeholders in a way that is most accessible to them is integral to creating meaningful discourse and building consensus around setting goals and priorities. Our hope is that these translations will support collecting the student and family feedback that is key to improve school cultures, family engagement, and communication across the country and abroad.

The Spanish versions of the two surveys were produced using current survey translation best practices: making a forward translation from English into Spanish, and then a reverse translation from Spanish into English. Once the forward and back translations were completed, they were reconciled and reviewed by numerous Spanish speakers to confirm accuracy and fidelity to the original survey instruments. The translations are intended to be general Spanish translations, and do not reflect regional styles or patterns.

Panorama’s survey platform currently supports running surveys in over 25 different languages, including Arabic, Korean and Portuguese. As we continue to develop translations of the Panorama Student Survey and the Family-School Relationships Survey into other languages, we will share them publicly. As our communities become more diverse and global, we remain devoted to supporting the engagement efforts of schools, districts and networks in the many languages their stakeholders speak.

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