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Getting Started with CICO: Customizable Check-In/Check-Out Templates

Sam DeFlitch
Sam DeFlitch
Getting Started with CICO: Customizable Check-In/Check-Out Templates



Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) is one of the most popular behavior interventions across schools. An evidence-based strategy, it helps students build connections with educators as they work together to improve student behavior. 

A student receiving CICO meets with an adult champion throughout the school day to reinforce and track behavioral goals. The student “checks in” with their champion first thing in the morning, and “checks out” at dismissal to review teachers’ feedback on their behavior that day.

By providing students ample opportunities to receive positive attention from adults, CICO implementation has been shown to produce positive outcomes for students.


Download Panorama's Check-In/Check-Out Toolkit


Check-In/Check-Out Templates

While CICO is an impactful behavior intervention, it may feel challenging to implement. This is especially true if educators are using a range of documents, spreadsheets, and notes to track student progress. That's why we've developed our free Check-In/Check-Out Toolkit, which includes downloadable, customizable CICO templates for teachers and staff.

These daily progress report templates are accessible as both a Google Doc and Google Sheet. Your school and district PBIS teams can customize them to fit your schools' behavior goals. Additionally, teachers and staff can print these sheets to support conversations with students and families.


A preview of Panorama's CICO template

Use this daily progress report template for up to five student goals. Customize the content of the individual daily progress reports and print them for student and teacher daily usage, or for parent communication purposes.


Access Panorama's Check-In/Check-Out sheets here as part of our free Check-In/Check-Out Toolkit. Feel free to share these templates with your school and district PBIS teams, teachers, and staff to support CICO implementation.

Check-In/Check-Out in Panorama's MTSS Platform

Panorama Student Success includes a dedicated tool to support CICO implementation, giving champions and student support teams even more ways to ensure their students are on track. 

Our new CICO intervention management tool provides improved reporting and progress monitoring so teachers, champions, and students can quickly see the progress students are making over the course of the intervention. 

With CICO logged and analyzed in Panorama, educators can more efficiently and effectively
evaluate its impact, and can view it in context with other impactful interventions logged in
the platform.


Download our Check-In/Check-Out Toolkit + Customizable Templates

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