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Understand and engage your school community

Panorama provides tools to collect valid and reliable feedback about a wide range of the topics that matter most—from engagement and communication, to school climate and culture.

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La Cañada Unified School District (Calif.)

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We help schools and districts understand feedback from their stakeholders in 4 key areas

Student Voice

Capture student feedback through surveys about teaching, learning, and classroom experiences

School Climate

Understand the factors that foster safe, social, and positive learning environments at school

Teacher & Staff Engagement

Support productive and professional conversations between teachers, staff, and school leaders

Family & Community Engagement

Promote healthy family-school relationships and engage stakeholders in your community

Start with research-backed surveys

Choose from our library of research-backed survey instruments to collect valid and reliable perception data. Our surveys are designed and tested to gather feedback from students, family members, and teachers and staff.

With our online platform, build and share your survey seamlessly. Get unlimited responses, create your own custom questions, and ensure secure data collection with one-time access codes.

Download our Surveys

Panorama Student Survey

Capture student perceptions using the Panorama Student Survey, which features topics like Student Engagement, Pedagogical Effectiveness, School Climate, and Safety.

Family-School Relationships Survey

Engage parents, guardians, and family members with the Family-School Relationships Survey, which includes topics like Family Efficacy, School Fit, and Family Engagement.

Panorama Teacher & Staff Survey

Get feedback from teachers and staff members with the Panorama Teacher Survey, which includes topics like Feedback and Coaching, School Leadership, and Professional Learning.

Panorama Has Supported Feedback Surveys for millions of students nationwide
Monitor response rates in real-time

Track the progress of your surveys by monitoring response rates in real-time. Send targeted reminder emails to only those that haven't completed your survey.

Surveys supported in 30+ languages

Reach every member of your school community with support for surveys in 30+ languages, including translations of our research-backed surveys.

Make your surveys count
with Panorama's analytics

With Panorama, schools and districts can transform survey results into insights using our best-in-class data analytics. Explore your data with inquiry tools that highlight trends over time, gaps between subgroups, strengths and areas for growth.

View your survey results at a glance

See your high-level results across each topic on your survey to identify strengths and areas for growth against your school or district average.

Identify experience gaps between subgroups

Disaggregate your data by subgroups—including race/ethnicity, grade level, gender, or custom data attributes—to understand experiences and equity.

Understand the voice of your community

Visualize the voice of your stakeholders with free response analytics that organize open-ended text responses into interactive word clouds and highlighted keywords.

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Compare your data to Benchmarks

See how your survey results compare to others' from your school, your district, and our national dataset of thousands of schools. Benchmarks offers a wider perspective to interpret your data.

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