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Also available: New survey instruments to hear from students, families, and staff once the 20-21 school year is underway.

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Understand and Address Your Community's Needs for Return to School

For Families

Survey questions to understand parent and caregiver preferences and needs for the return to school. Areas include academic supports, student social-emotional learning, distance learning reflections, and additional family assistance.

For Teachers and Staff

Survey questions to understand educators' preferences and professional needs for the return to school. Areas include instructional preferences, student supports, adult SEL, and distance learning reflections.

Invite families and staff into the decision-making process for the 20-21 academic year

Following coronavirus (COVID-19) school closures, schools and districts are working quickly to plan for the upcoming school year. 

Will students return to school buildings with strict social distancing measures? Will online learning or distance learning continue through the fall? Will schools use a hybrid learning model to reduce class sizes and prevent coronavirus cases?

This summer, districts are convening task forces, reviewing department of education guidelines, and consulting with school boards to plan for school reopening in a pandemic. Reopening plans must account for instructional models, safety protocols, and the increased academic, social-emotional, and mental health needs of students, teachers, and staff.

Panorama's School Reopening Surveys ensure that stakeholder voices play a role in your district's reopening plan. The surveys cover key topics including instructional preferences, student supports, staff professional needs, and social-emotional well-being.

Schools and districts can customize the surveys and use the data to develop strong action plans and supports for next year. Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese translations are available for the family instrument.

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Preparing for Return to School (Family & Staff) -

Preferences for returning to school.

Instructional Preferences (Family & Staff) -

Preferences for different instruction models for in-person and distance learning in the fall.

Distance Learning Reflections (Family & Staff) -

Experiences with distance learning in the spring.

Student Academic Needs (Family) -

Perceptions of your child's academic needs going into the new school year.

Student Social-Emotional Well-Being (Family) -

Perceptions of your child's social-emotional well-being going into the new school year.

Additional Family Assistance (Staff) -

Questions covering food and housing, child care, and access to technology and internet.

Return-to-School Professional Needs (Staff) -

Questions covering access to technology and internet, peer connections, and professional development.

Return-to-School Student Supports (Staff) -

Perceptions of students' needs going into the new school year.

Social-Emotional Well-Being (Staff) -

Perceptions of your personal social-emotional well-being.

How Indianapolis Public Schools addressed distance learning needs with Panorama

When school closures due to COVID-19 began, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) took swift action to set up at-home learning for its 32,000 students and 2,600 caring educators.

Listen to a conversation with Sarah Robinson Chin, director of strategy at IPS, to learn how the district designed an action plan to support families and students with Panorama survey data.

School Reopening Surveys

Powerful, actionable survey analytics

Administer school reopening surveys for families and staff through the Panorama survey analytics platform.

convo Identify family perceptions and areas of need for back to school

Use Panorama reports to guide action around academic, social, emotional, and basic needs of families and students.

measures Know how to support teachers and staff this fall

Explore data and trends to understand where educators need personal and professional support for the return to school.

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Monitor response rates in real-time

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