Features / Research-based Surveys

Collect Reliable Survey Data

Student Surveys

Measure student perceptions using the Panorama Student Survey, which features topics like Student Engagement, Pedagogical Effectiveness, School Climate, and Grit.

Family Surveys

Engage parents, guardians, and family members with the Family-School Relationships Survey, which includes topics like Family Efficacy, School Fit, and Family Engagement.

Teacher & Staff Surveys

Get feedback from teachers and staff members with the Panorama Teacher Survey, which includes topics like Feedback and Coaching, School Leadership, and Professional Learning.

"I was looking for a survey that was tested so we could get feedback from students without taking away from instructional time. With Panorama's surveys, we are giving teachers actionable feedback."

Matt Strom

Executive Director of Research and Assessment
Chandler Unified School District (AZ)
Monitor response rates in real-time

Track the progress of your surveys by monitoring real-time response rates. Send targeted reminder emails to only those that haven't completed your survey.

Surveys supported in 30+ languages

Reach every member of your school community with support for surveys in 30+ languages, including our own surveys translated in 8 languages and counting.

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