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Administer distance learning surveys to students, families, and staff

In the wake of coronavirus school closures, educators, parents, and students are coping with a new reality of distance education and online learning. As a leading provider of K-12 surveys, Panorama is offering a new set of surveys to help districts elevate student, family, and teacher voices in today's new learning climate.


Student Voice

Gather critical information from students on the distance learning environment, well-being, internet access, and daily habits, including amount of time spent learning or completing course work.


Teacher, Staff, and Administrator Feedback

Understand and support teacher and staff well-being, in addition to developing capacity to support students' social-emotional and instructional needs while off-campus.


Family and Community Needs

Understand how families are doing, what their children need, and where to deliver immediate supports across food and internet access, technology, child care, and more.

    Student Distance Learning, Well-Being, and SEL Survey:

  • Student Distance Learning Environment

    Students' level of engagement in distance learning activities while at home.

  • Student Daily Habits

    How students are spending their time at home during distance learning.

  • Student Needs With Distance Learning

    What students' needs are while learning remotely at home.

  • Well-Being: Positive Feelings

    How frequently students feel positive emotions.

  • Well-Being: Negative Feelings

    How frequently students feel negative emotions.

  • Well-Being: Social Supports

    How much support students receive and provide to others.

    Staff Distance Learning, Well-Being, and SEL Survey:

  • Staff Well-Being and SEL

    The social and emotional well-being of staff during distance learning.

  • Professional Needs With Distance Learning

    What staff members' professional needs are while working remotely.

  • Staff Collaboration With Distance Learning

    How well staff are collaborating with colleagues during distance learning.

  • Student Engagement With Distance Learning

    How staff perceive students' level of engagement in distance learning activities while at home.

  • Student Support

    What staff perceive to be the needs of students while learning remotely at home.

  • Family Communication

    How staff are communicating with students' families during distance learning.

    Community Needs Survey:

  • Your Current Situation During School Closures -

    Questions covering food and housing, child care, access to technology and internet, social-emotional well-being, and more.

Take a data-driven approach to distance education

With the transition from on-campus learning to videoconferencing and online classes due to COVID-19, districts and schools can use Panorama survey results to incorporate the needs of students, staff, and families into immediate response plans.

Identify students' social, emotional, and academic needs at home

With Panorama's new student survey questions, understand students' distance learning experience in order to allocate resources and provide holistic support systems.

Deliver targeted supports to teachers and staff

Use the data to help educators sharpen online course delivery, provide quality virtual learning opportunities, and better connect with students and families.

Respond equitably to community needs

Disaggregate your family feedback data to distribute resources to the community members who need them the most.

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In the News: Panorama for Distance Learning

"The New York City Department of Education is asking students and families to share their experiences with distance learning while schools are shuttered due to coronavirus.

The survey was developed in collaboration with Panorama Education to gather feedback about the experiences of students and families with remote learning at their schools over the last few weeks."

PIX 11

"NYC DOE launches remote learning survey for students, families"

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PIX 11

"Cambridge Schools has partnered with Panorama Education to develop a short survey that will be sent to parents and caregivers to help integrate their perspectives as decisions are made.

The survey is designed to gather feedback on how families and students are affected while schools are closed during the coronavirus crisis. The questions include educational topics such as distance learning, access to technology and communications from school staff, as well as issues around housing, food and financial supports."

Cambridge Day

"Cambridge schools to close for academic year per governor’s order; district sends out survey"

 Read more about Cambridge's family and student surveys

The district is seeking online feedback through a community needs survey that poses questions on issues ranging from family food and housing status to childcare needs to reliable access to tablets, laptops, computers and smartphones."

Dayton Daily News

"Coronavirus: Survey helps Miamisburg schools ID family needs"

 Read more about Miamisburg Schools' family survey
Dayton Daily News

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