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Panorama Education Empowers Educators with New MTSS & RTI Intervention Management Solution

Panorama Education Empowers Educators with New MTSS & RTI Intervention Management Solution



Education technology company offers an all-in-one platform for student intervention tracking, delivering actionable insights for educators to support students' social-emotional learning and academic growth.  

BOSTON – March 27, 2019Panorama Education, a leader in developing technologies for K-12 schools that empower educators to support the whole child, today announced the launch of a new multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) and response to intervention (RTI) tracking system, as part of its Panorama Student Success Platform.

With Panorama Education’s new intervention management solution, educators can now easily assign and manage evidence-based interventions across multiple tiers of support—universal, targeted, and intensive—and can collaborate with interventionists, support staff, and administrators. This 360-degree insight enables educators to more easily monitor the progress of individual students and groups, and provides guidance on whether more intensive or less intensive interventions are required to meet student goals. Panorama Student Success puts educators one click away from the most up-to-date and holistic information about their students’ academic and social-emotional growth in school.

“Today, schools and districts are supporting students across a broader set of academic and social-emotional needs than ever before,” said Aaron Feuer, co-founder and CEO of Panorama Education. “This requires a new set of approaches to ensure each student is on a path for success. Through Panorama's work with over 900 school districts across the country, we've seen that one of the key challenges for educators right now is prioritizing time and resources to have the most impact on students. Our goal at Panorama Education is to build technology and partner with educators to help solve these pain points, so they can better serve the needs of every child.”

Panorama Student Success offers a new, fresh way for schools to manage student interventions as part of their implementation of MTSS and RTI frameworks. This system helps educators become proactive, bringing together multiple sources of traditionally siloed data into one place while allowing educators to better track the real-time progress of students who are receiving supports before they slip off track.

Additionally, educators have access to a unified platform to help identify students who need additional support, plan and manage interventions, and monitor students’ comprehensive progress across academics, behavior, and social-emotional learning.

“Since the introduction of the Every Student Succeeds Act, we’ve seen a growing number of states and districts prioritize their MTSS and RTI frameworks,” said Marysa Rochet, head of teaching and learning at Panorama Education and a former educator in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. “Districts are now focused on ensuring that educators are supporting all students with evidence-based, data-driven interventions. However, most districts are still struggling to implement a process that effectively assesses, manages, and tracks the progress of these interventions and support plans. Our mission is to help educators build an effective process for supporting children.”

In addition to providing critical support for educators, Panorama Student Success also reveals important insight to school and district leaders, providing them with visibility into the status of interventions and supports across grade levels, schools, and across their whole district. As a result, school and district leaders can drive better decision-making and a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of their schools’ support for the whole child.

“Before I would manually pull up our attendance, behavior incidence and low achievement reports for our students and then have to manually enter it into spreadsheets to identify students who needed extra support given these at-risk factors,” said Nichole Goodliffe, dean of students at Mound Fort Junior High School in Ogden, Utah. “This process often took hours and even days to complete. This year, it now takes minutes using the Panorama system. Our student support teams meet weekly and can review our data together while monitoring the progress of our interventions, recording notes daily, and seeing what interventions have been completed for students with other staff in the building. All of this keeps us in the loop in our MTSS process because we know what has been done, when it was done and can go on to better support each student.” 

“Our educators need to know how to select the intervention and how to match it with the student's needs while ensuring adequate implementation integrity,” said Kelly Tschudy-Lafean, principal of Forest Lake Area High School in Forest Lake, Minnesota. “We’re now able to monitor all of our students academically and social-emotionally with Panorama so that we have a clear picture of where they're at on a daily basis. Panorama is really the platform that’s helping us to streamline our MTSS model, which is improving our system of support for students and their needs.”

Panorama Student Success was designed to efficiently address some of the most difficult problems schools and districts are facing today. Over the past seven years, Panorama Education has become one of the fastest growing education technology platforms, now serving more than 9 million students in 11,500 schools across the United States each year.


Learn more about Panorama Intervention Management for MTSS & RTI.

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