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Introducing Panorama Student Success

Aaron Feuer
Aaron Feuer
Introducing Panorama Student Success



When we founded Panorama 5 years ago, we wanted to help schools use feedback from students, families, and teachers to build stronger schools. Today, Panorama serves over 5 million students in 7,000 schools in 40 states nationwide. These schools have relied on Panorama’s surveys and analytics as central tools for understanding student needs and progress across climate and culture, family engagement, and social-emotional learning.

Today we’re excited to introduce Panorama Student Success, a new platform that provides educators a complete picture of how every student is doing across academics, attendance, behavior, and social-emotional learning. With Panorama Student Success, educators can identify interventions and target supports to help every student thrive.

Why Student Success?

We’ve always believed students are more than their test scores. But all too often, our data systems in schools don’t capture the full progress of every student. Panorama Student Success brings together multiple sources of data to paint a holistic picture of every student. We’ve designed this platform so that educators can spend their valuable time supporting students, instead of sorting through spreadsheets.

5 Years of Panorama

Over the past five years, Panorama Education has supported more than 5 million students in school and districts across the country.

The data challenge in schools and districts

In working with thousands of schools across the country, we recognized a challenge in using data effectively. Educators have more access to more sources of data than ever before. Yet understanding each student’s data story—from attendance and academics, to behavior and social-emotional learning data—and taking action based on these insights is incredibly challenging.

As a result, students that could have been provided support and interventions at critical moments go without and may not reach their fullest potential. In the worst of cases, students may “slip through the cracks” entirely and drop out of school before they graduate.

Panorama Student Success allows educators a complete picture on a student’s holistic progress across multiple data sources: academics, attendance, behavior and social-emotional learning data.


Panorama Student Success allows educators a complete picture on a student’s (demo student using sample data above) holistic progress across multiple data sources: academics, attendance, behavior and social-emotional learning data.

How does Panorama Student Success help?

We’ve developed Panorama Student Success so that it seamlessly combines data from multiple sources, organizes it into a beautiful and easy-to-digest interface, refreshes data on a daily basis, and automatically notifies educators when a student is in need.

Panorama Student Success provides a complete view of how every student is doing across multiple indicators of success, including grades, attendance, test scores, behavior and social-emotional learning (SEL). To us, this wider lens is key; as other data systems may only include a handful of measures of students’ progress, our platform unifies both academic and non-academic measures to highlight students’ strengths and growth areas holistically.

In collaborating with educators and administrators, we also recognized the importance of each school’s local context; so school leaders can also apply their own expertise to customize indicators for identifying which students are “on-track” or “at-risk”, as well as create targeted student groups based on attributes from disparate systems. For instance, school teams can monitor the progress of ELL students with lower attendance rates and less positive SEL indicators, and they can monitor the progress of different intervention groups.

“The data is actually capable of representing a full picture of success or struggle for our students.”

—Liz Homan, Ph.D., Waltham Public Schools (MA)

We’re proud to have Panorama Student Success already in use in schools across the country. One district that’s using Panorama Student Success is Waltham Public Schools in Waltham, Mass. Liz Homan, Ph.D, administrator of educational technology, coordinated the launch of Student Success in Waltham’s schools: “When our principals look at data, I don't actually want them grappling with raw data. I want them to have a dashboard that lets them quickly glance and take action. So I've been really excited about the way our experience with Panorama Student Success has unfolded. With this platform, the data is actually capable of representing a full picture of success or struggle for our students. It's really a different thing when a company helps you put all these things together to see a holistic view of a student.”

Learn more about Panorama Student Success

We’ve come a long way over the past five years. From partnering with our very first school district (thanks again, La Cañada Unified!) to supporting more than 5 million students this year, we’re excited to share Panorama Student Success with you.

As we continue on our mission to help every educator act on data, we’d love to share the ways you can gain a complete picture on the factors that lead to every student’s success in your school or district.

Contact us to schedule a live demo today! We would love to learn how Panorama can support your school or district.

Aaron Feuer is the co-founder and CEO of Panorama Education.

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