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School Climate

The Importance of Student Engagement

Sarah Frye
Sarah Frye
The Importance of Student Engagement



Engaged students are more likely to achieve academically, attend class regularly, and stay in school. Students themselves are perhaps the best source of information about whether they feel engaged by their teachers and classwork. To help schools and districts measure student engagement, the Panorama Student Survey features a series of questions that ask students how invested and attentive they feel in class and how interested they are in a class's subject matter.

Download this 360° Surveys Starter Pack to get started measuring student engagement.

Panorama Student Survey

How to Measure Student Engagement

Questions related to student engagement on the Panorama Student Survey assess students' excitement about attending and participating in class, as well as how often students use ideas from class in their day-to-day lives. Students also answer questions about their level of focus and interest in class and school. 

On the Panorama Student Survey, the Student Engagement scale consists of five questions for older students (grades 6-12) and five questions for younger students (3-5). Together, the questions in this scale provide a valid and reliable measurement of how attentive and invested students are in school. 

Student Engagement Questions for Grades 3-5:

  • How excited are you about going to this class?
  • How often do you get so focused on class activities that you lose track of time?
  • In class, how eager are you to participate?
  • When you are not in class, how often do you talk about ideas from class?
  • Overall, how interested are you in this class?

Next Steps: Taking Action on the Results

Schools and districts that use the Panorama Student Survey to learn about student engagement may discover opportunities to improve in this area. To help educators take action to promote student engagement, Panorama's Playbook includes relevant strategies, or "moves," that educators can use in the classroom such as: “Use Call and Response Routines in Class,” “Engage Students While Reading Aloud,” and “Give Students Classroom Jobs.”

Download the Panorama Student Survey to learn more about measuring student engagement at your school or district.

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