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Creating a Culture of Data-Driven Improvement

Zoe Mercer-Golden
Creating a Culture of Data-Driven Improvement



Panorama is proud to partner with innovative educators who are using data to create school change and improve school outcomes. As part of our ongoing commitment to sharing school survey resources about how our partners are using their data, we are excited to highlight the work of Uplift Education, a public charter network in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Uplift has leveraged a culture of data-driven improvement to help teachers develop their teaching practice and measure student growth, using education data collected by Panorama and others.

uplift-graph Closely tracking students’ growth rates on MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) and pass rates on STAAR (Texas academic exams) allows Uplift to determine whether and how much students are improving over time by national quintile groups.

The Uplift Education Network serves over 14,000 students in 34 elementary, middle, and high schools. 95% of Uplift scholars are accepted into four-year college programs locally and across the United States. Rich Harrison, Chief Academic Officer of the network, shares with Panorama ten of his strategies for creating a culture of data-driven improvement that is leading to stronger student outcomes.

Uplift's emphasis on collaborating around education data provides a powerful model for how to get the most out of the feedback that your school or district is collecting. We are delighted to share how Uplift uses data to better understand their students and to support faculty professional growth.

Uplift works with Panorama to learn about their students' social-emotional learning skills, behaviors, attitudes, and mindsets, using Panorama's measures of social-emotional learning.

“We used Panorama's SEL measures in five topics last year. In this pilot, we found all five SEL topics had a positive relationship with student growth and performance on MAP and ACT scores. This relationship was strongest with Grit. This year, we will use the SEL measures with all of our students in grades 3-12 to better understand how social-emotional learning can be used as a lever to improve school culture, academic performance, and college readiness and persistence.”

—Rich Harrison, Chief Academic Officer, Uplift Education

Read the case study "10 Strategies for Creating a Culture of Data-Driven Improvement" and learn more about Panorama's SEL measures.

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