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Community-Based Accountability Systems

Texas districts are breaking the mold of what accountability means. Panorama is proud to help TPAC districts support student success in school and beyond


Powerful tools to support student success in Texas

With Panorama, get the insights you need to promote student learning, college-career readiness, and community engagement.

Understand each student's SEL skills

Use reports to empower students to engage actively in their own SEL and to provide adults with a platform for powerful developmental conversations.

Measure school climate, safety, and community engagement.

Collect feedback from students and families to drive strategic planning around school climate and culture

Monitor student progress across academics, behavior, and SEL

Bring all of your student data into one place to identify and support students at every tier

Pillar 1:

Student Learning & Progress

"Ensure academic success for all students"
With Panorama:

Monitor student growth across academics, behavior, attendance, and social-emotional learning (SEL) in one platform.

Principals, counselors, and teachers can identify student needs at each tier, plan interventions, and progress monitor with an eye towards closing achievement gaps and ensuring success for all students.  

Pillar 2:

Student Readiness

"Ensure students are well prepared for their next level of education and post-secondary success"
With Panorama:

See how many students across your district and at each campus are "On Track" for post-secondary success and who may need additional support.

Measure and understand student progress towards competencies necessary for life after graduation—such as Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Emotion Regulation.

Pillar 3:

Engaged, Well-Rounded Students

"Engage students in a way that contributes to their overall development and future well-being"
With Panorama:

Measure and understand students’ social-emotional development around competencies that contribute to future success and well-being, such as Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Self-Efficacy.

Use student voice data to involve students in their own development and to drive character education work across your district.

Pillar 4:

Community Engagement & Partnerships

"Ensure that local citizens are a meaningful, integral part of a CBS and can and will support their local public schools"
With Panorama:

Elevate stakeholder voice when crafting and measuring your community-based accountability framework.

Gather and act on community feedback using Panorama’s research-backed, customizable survey instruments. Analyze the results in our reporting platform with national benchmarks and a library of action-planning resources.