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Teacher Well-Being Survey

A research-backed survey to measure and support teacher wellbeing, social-emotional learning, and job satisfaction.
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Adult SEL wellbeing

About the Survey

Teacher wellness has a significant impact on school climate, student learning, and student social-emotional development. Yet teacher stress and burnout continue to present retention and turnover challenges in districts: 85 percent of teachers have reported that work-life imbalance affects their ability to teach. More than one in five new teachers leave the profession within their first five years of teaching—and this attrition is substantially worse in high-poverty schools.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and staff have been managing higher levels of stress and grappling with physical health, mental health, and emotional wellbeing concerns.

By gathering educator perceptions of their wellbeing through surveys, schools can assess the quality of the work environment, help prevent teacher turnover, and develop targeted programs and professional development that address adult well-being and job satisfaction.

Panorama's teacher wellbeing survey was developed by the Panorama research team, including Dr. Hunter Gehlbach and Dr. Samuel Moulton, using advanced survey methodology. It includes topics such as Well-Being, Belonging, School Climate, Teaching Efficacy, and Staff-Leadership Relationships to help leadership teams identify needs and design support systems for teachers and staff.

All of these topics, and the questions within each topic, are grounded in educational research that shows, for example, how teachers across all grades teach best when they feel competent and connected, and avoid burnout when they feel supported and impactful.

User Guide: Panorama Teacher and Staff Survey

Elevate teacher and staff voices on well-being and social-emotional learning

The Panorama teacher and staff wellbeing survey exists as a set of scales, or groups of survey questions, each focused on a single construct, or topic (e.g., Teaching Efficacy, Well-Being). Schools and districts can select the topics that align with their strategic priorities and school improvement goals.

We recommend choosing between four and seven topics so that teachers and/or staff can complete short, focused surveys that still deliver valuable information on their attitudes perceptions, and experiences at school. The questions are applicable to all types of K-12 school settings—including public, independent, and charter schools—and to communities serving students from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

After the survey administration, Panorama compiles the survey results and gives school leaders and administrators direct access to the insights—along with strategies, training, and professional development to take action on the data. The feedback from teachers and staff can guide district and school planning, school policies and practices, resources and supports, and professional development programs.

For school leaders and district leadership teams interested in Panorama's advanced data analysis and survey reporting programs, get in touch with us here.

Measuring Adult Social-Emotional Wellbeing With Panorama

For Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (NC), social-emotional learning starts with adults. Kathy FitzJefferies, Safe and Drug Free Program Manager, shares her experience working with Panorama to gather teacher and staff feedback: "When we were looking at data for the teachers, it was obvious that there were struggles for them. And we realized we needed to address adult SEL. Having that Panorama data has been eye-opening for a lot of our staff members."


Get survey results at your fingertips

Panorama's leading analytics platform brings your teacher wellbeing survey results into one place for exploration and action planning.

See what teachers and staff are telling you

Use Panorama reports to understand teachers' experiences, perceptions, and feedback. See reports broken down by topic, question, and demographics.

Identify strengths and areas of need

Explore trends in teacher and staff experiences and perceptions. Bookmark important data to share and discuss with colleagues.

Take action to support teachers and staff

Leverage Panorama's expert protocols and professional development services to move from data analysis to action planning.

adult sel and well being get survey results at your fingertips