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Grow educator capacity for using data effectively

Data is only as valuable as it is actionable. With Panorama, schools and districts can grow educator capacity through professional development to realize improved engagement and effectiveness.

Customized Learning Pathways

Core Workshop Offerings

In our group learning experiences, participants engage in hands-on learning and discussion to build knowledge and skills that support professional practice at the district, school, and classroom levels.

Onsite Workshops

Personalized Supports

Personalized supports include school and district level consultations, executive briefings, and customized workshops. These offerings support Panorama partners to engage key stakeholders in specific insights and findings from a survey program, or in planning work related to implementation.

Virtual Webinars

Systems Advising

System-level advisors support school districts to meet specific goals connected to learning outcomes, stakeholder investment and capacity building for implementation, and/or system improvement and impact with Panorama.

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