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Our team of former educators and administrators works closely with district leaders to design effective, high-quality survey programs. We customize your survey to meet the unique needs of your community.

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Learn how our online survey and reporting platform makes it easy for you to collect high-quality community feedback and provides powerful analytics to understand the results.

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Go beyond “agree” and “disagree” by analyzing how different community stakeholders view your district’s key priorities through Panorama's reports.

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Get your survey results analyzed by demographic groups to identify strengths, opportunities for growth, and community priorities.

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Featured press from our partners   "Survey results show mostly growth in positive feelings toward LCUSD"

“After discussing the results of our Panorama survey, several school board members commented how it was the most worthwhile meeting they had attended due to the substance of the data. It’s incredibly powerful.”

Mike Harris

Superintendent  -  Lyme School District (NH)

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