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Student Check-Ins

Student Check-In

Flexibly check-in on students’ well-being and academic needs

With Panorama Check-Ins, administrators and educators can collect quick perception data from students to deliver frequent, rapid supports throughout the year.

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Easily create and send check-ins to students

It’s easy to build a check-in by selecting prompts from Panorama’s bank of 80+ questions across student well-being, SEL skills and competencies, and classroom feedback.

Learn about 15 ways educators can use Panorama's student check-ins.

check ins instantly review results and explore trends

Instantly review results and explore trends

Get students' responses back instantly to investigate trends and deliver Tier I support. Understand who needs extra support right now academically, socially, and emotionally. 

check ins easily create and send check ins to students

Create action plans to improve student outcomes

Quickly follow up with individual students, plan targeted interventions, or refine school or district-wide practices in response to the data. Use Panorama Check-ins in conjunction with SEL surveys and interventions to provide comprehensive social-emotional supports.

check ins create action plans for improved student outcomes

“I check in with my students every two weeks. It’s quick to implement and the information is very easy to use.”

David Dehlbom

Sixth Grade Teacher, Spokane Public Schools (WA)