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Infographic: 3 Principles for Welcoming Students and Adults Back to School in 2021-22

Across the country, schools are about to welcome students back into buildings for the 2021-22 year—some for the first time in over a year.

Reopening will be challenging, but this is also a time of great opportunity.

This is the moment to take what we’ve learned over the past year and transform the way we support our students and adults for the better.

This is the moment to truly anchor our work in belonging, care, connection, and inclusivity—the way we always knew it could be.

This is the moment to take a hard look at our systems and take action to build a more equitable future for education.

In this infographic, explore three principles for a resilient reopening and how to put these principles into practice in your school or district. We invite you to share this infographic on Twitter or download it as a Google Slides presentation to share with your community. 

Download the Full Guide: 3 Principles for Welcoming Students and Adults Back to School in 2021-22

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