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Introducing Panorama's 'Get to Know You' Survey

Introducing Panorama's 'Get to Know You' Survey



This fall, we're excited to offer a new 'Get to Know You' survey to teachers and administrators for free. Building strong relationships between teachers and their students is key from the beginning of the school year. Research shows that healthy teacher-student relationships lead to many positive outcomes for students and school communities.

That's why we're offering this free, online survey to help teachers and students understand what they have in common from the start of the school year.

About the research

Panorama’s online ‘Get to Know You’ survey tool is developed based on research conducted by Dr. Hunter Gehlbach and his colleagues at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Their study, “Changes in Teacher-Student Relationships,” was published in the British Journal of Educational Psychology and describes how important these relationships are and how they can change over time, which suggests the importance of getting teacher-student relationships off to a great start. More specifically, strong teacher-student relationships have been shown to be critically important for students' classroom engagement and sense of belonging at school.

How the survey works

Panorama’s ‘Get to Know You’ survey asks students to answer questions about their interests and hobbies outside of school, as well as questions about their values and learning styles. Panorama’s online survey lets teachers complete the survey before their students take the survey in class. In doing so, students will instantly see what they have in common (up to 5 shared items) with their teacher upon finishing the survey.

Once students have completed the survey, teachers can sign in to their Panorama account to view what they have in common with their students and be prompted to reflect on these similarities. It’s our goal to support teachers in developing strong relationships with their students from the very start of the school year.

Bring the survey to your classroom or school

Teachers and administrators are invited to sign up to create a free account. We are offering the online tool entirely for free this fall so that any teacher can use the 'Get to Know You' survey. We hope that you'll will share your feedback with us and we're excited to support you in getting the year off on the right foot!

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