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Social-Emotional Learning

A Year of Panorama Data in School Districts

Jessica Owen
A Year of Panorama Data in School Districts



When measuring feedback from your students, parents, teachers, and community, set yourself up for success with a targeted timeline for collecting and reviewing data, and then acting on results. As you plan ahead for feedback and analysis in your school or district, use this suggested year-long timeline for your data needs.

We started this timeline in the fall to align to the school year, but be sure to customize these target activities to whatever schedule fits best with your own goals!

A Year of Panorama Data


Head back to school
Use Panorama’s free Get to Know You survey to help students and teachers build positive classroom relationships.

Start with student perceptions
Use the Panorama Student Survey to provide teachers with classroom feedback and establish a school climate baseline for the year, and also give students the opportunity to share their expectations and goals for the classroom.

“The student surveys allow for my voice to be heard by the teachers as well as by the administration of the school and the district.”

—Kendell Long, 12th-grade student
Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy, Dallas (TX)

Dig into your data
Use interactive reports and analytics to find trends, successes, and areas for growth.



Promote family engagement
Build engagement with parents and guardians so they can actively support students’ learning outside of the classroom. Panorama’s Family-School Relationships Survey can help you measure efficacy.

Measure social-emotional learning
Support students’ development of the skills and competencies they need to be successful in school and life using Panorama’s SEL Measures for students and teachers.



Monitor progress in student perceptions
Step back to review the progress made since administering your fall student survey. See how students’ views have changed and provide teachers with multiple data points to improve classroom practices.

Engage teachers and staff
Work with these key stakeholders in the year-end feedback process to understand their views on professional learning, support, and school leadership.



Plan ahead
Use data to inform your goal-setting and planning for the year ahead with robust school climate data and stakeholder feedback. This data can guide a summer leadership retreat and assist in planning for school improvement goals for next year.

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