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Equity and Inclusion


Promote Equity, Inclusion, and Achievement for Every Student

Panorama helps districts build capacity for equity work with powerful equity dashboards, equity and inclusion surveys, and professional learning workshops.

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Proud to support equity, inclusion, and achievement with districts nationwide


Address Discipline Disproportionality and School Climate

With data dashboards in Panorama Student Success, use demographic, behavioral, school climate, and social-emotional learning (SEL) data to understand the state of equity in your district's context. Do you have an over-representation of groups of students with behavioral referrals? Are there gaps across SEL, school safety, or teacher-student relationships to strengthen?

At the student level, triangulate data across academics, attendance, behavior, and SEL to understand potential root causes of behavior problems. Identify students who may need additional supports, create intervention plans, and monitor progress in Panorama. 

address discipline disproportionality and School Climate

Identify and Close Academic Achievement Gaps

How does your district's four-year graduation rate compare across student groups? What gaps may exist in grades, assessment scores, or access to advanced courses? Use Panorama to identify and address district-level trends and disparities. Filter academic data by demographics, including by race, ethnicity, English Language Learner or low-income status, and gender.

With Panorama, help each and every student achieve rigorous academic goals in a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) or response to intervention (RTI) framework. Provide educators with intervention management and progress monitoring tools to keep every student on track for success in literacy, math, and other core academic content areas.

identify and close academic gaps

Elevate Student Voices

Create an equity action plan grounded in student voice. How are students thinking and feeling about equity and inclusion at school? Gather valid, reliable feedback from middle school and high school students using the Panorama Equity and Inclusion Survey, developed with the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

equity dashboard elevate student voices