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Simplify graduation tracking with automation

Checking binder after binder of transcripts and schedules is error-prone and inefficient. Mesa automatically monitors graduation pathway requirements to keep students on track for success.


Put students on the best path to graduation

Automate graduation tracking to protect students from falling through the cracks.


Empower overwhelmed counselors

On average, one counselor supports 400+ students. Automatic progress tracking optimizes time for counselors so they have more time to work directly with students.


Identify transcript and scheduling errors

25% of students have a transcript or scheduling error on the first day of high school. Now, you can worry less about administrative mistakes getting in the way of a student's graduation status. 

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Minimize manual entry errors

In 2023, Mesa helped counselors resolve nearly 3 million transcript, schedule, and graduation pathway errors.

Proud to partner with school districts across the country

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Scan Every Student Record, Every Night

Say goodbye to graduation pathway errors. Mesa is a graduation tracking platform that saves times and empowers counselors to keep every student on track.

Green Check - Easily track all student insights in one place

Pre-installed with your state and district graduation requirements

Green Check - Seamlessly go from understanding data to allocating resources

Notifications when a student is off track for graduation

Green Check - Quickly identify needs, initiate an intervention, and monitor progress

Enables the rapid delivery of supports to off-track students


Discover graduation roadblocks in real time

Don’t wait until a state or district audit to catch errors. Mesa analyzes transcripts and schedules against the pathways that lead students to graduation, career, and technical education. A daily scan of student data feeds into dashboards that break down challenges by school site, grade level, and demographics.​  

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Resolve errors easily and keep every student on track

Mesa automatically flags items that can impact on-time graduation. Filter by flag type to batch work for more efficient processing, quickly archive and resolve flags, and add notes for further review.


Give counselors more time with students than paperwork

Mesa makes it simple to see what impacts students’ progress toward graduation without climbing a mountain of paperwork. Easily toggle across pathways to determine the best course of action.


Privacy, safety, and trust

Panorama follows best practices for data privacy and security. Our data security helps districts comply with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).