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School Climate Survey

Use Panorama's research-backed surveys for students, families, teachers and staff to better understand school climate and culture in your school or district.

We help school and district leaders use school climate surveys in three key areas:

School Climate & Culture

Social and learning climate of the school environment, including rules and norms, behaviors, and physical facilities.

Positive Relationships

Social connections between students and teachers within the school and beyond, like sense of belonging and valuing of school.

School Safety

Physical and psychological safety while at school, including bullying, violence, and availability of support for students.

Work with our team on school climate surveys and analysis

Over 6,500 schools use our surveys and reports to measure school climate, social-emotional learning, and family engagement. Our team of former educators works directly with school and district leaders to customize school climate programs to the needs of particular communities.

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Powerful tools to administer school climate surveys and analyze the results

With Panorama, you can easily create online surveys and view the results with in-depth reports and analytics, featuring:

National Benchmarks

Compare your survey results to our national benchmarks on school climate and dozens of other topics.

Subgroup Analysis

Understand the perspectives of different subgroups with analyses by race/ethnicity, gender, grade level, FRPL status, and more.

360° Survey Tools

Measure school climate across different stakeholder groups with surveys for students, families, teachers and staff.

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Supporting School Climate Surveys in thousands of schools nationwide

“School climate is emphatically important. Everyone knows that what gets measured, gets done, and Panorama’s surveys add an important data source to our district improvement plans. For our school community, the survey is an engagement tool in itself.”

Bethany Silver

Accountability, Performance and Assessment Officer  -  Bloomfield Public Schools (CT)

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