I get to help make strategic decisions about our product. We turn research and ideas into real tools and features, and eventually deliver them into the hands of users.

Raquel Levy

Product Manager

We love to give back and volunteer. Recently, I organized for our engineers to provide bring their experiences to students at a non-profit aiming to decrease the racial wealth gap by providing free technology-skills education to teens of color.

Lin Xia

Software Engineer

“We truly lead with our mission. When we consider a new feature for a product, we do not ask, "Will this lead more people to buy our product?" We ask, "Will this help educators?”

Sarah Robinson

Head of Product

When interviewing at Panorama, everyone I spoke to had a strong understanding of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, which are requirements I've noticed are hard to find in today's engineering teams. That's what ultimately attracted me.

Corey Hornbeck

Senior Software Engineer


Building Panorama Education

The engineering team is involved in every step of the product cycle, working closely with Panorama’s other teams and our users to brainstorm and build solutions to education’s toughest problems. We have strong technical chops and constantly challenge ourselves.

From guest talks, engineering blogs, book clubs, to hackathons, and open-source projects (both in-house and outside), we try to improve ourselves as we help schools around the world do the same.

Room Reserved for Gender Equality Hackathon

Design for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Great design is central to Panorama Education's product and mission. We want our product to both delight teachers and educators across the country and to help them drive action to improve outcomes for their students.

At Panorama, you will be working side-by-side with folks from many backgrounds and experiences: engineers, former teachers, product managers, education researchers, client account managers, and more. We believe that this diversity of experiences leads to better product design and therefore better outcomes for the students we serve.

Use Data to Solve Challenges

On the technical side, we are solving challenges in K-12 education. Our engineers are building platforms for student success, including the quantifiable and qualitative elements of a student’s experience. Then we measure that data across the country.

We design a highly available online platform that calculates realtime analytics across billions of data points and are always refining our product’s user experience so that this firehose of data is truly useful and gives educators actionable information without having to attend an engineering bootcamp.

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