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Social-Emotional Learning

Celebrating Resilience: Highlights From Our Summer Series ☀️

Last week, our Celebrating Resilience: A Summer Series webinar programming culminated with a workshop on triangulating needs across tiers and a mindfulness retreat for the Panorama community.

We are beyond grateful to have connected with over 5400 educators, parents, researchers, district leaders, paraprofessionals, counselors, and students throughout these past several months

In our 30+ webinars (and daily mindfulness sessions), we heard from a variety of individuals – from district leaders to state agencies to authors to students – about supporting family engagement, cultivating a sense of belonging, reimagining Tier 1, building adult capacity, supporting learning recovery, incorporating SEL into back-to-school planning, and combatting systemic racism and unconscious bias in schools.

On behalf of the entire team at Panorama Education, thank you for participating in Summer Series, elevating your stories and perspectives, sharing your encouraging feedback, and bringing your full selves.

To commemorate the amazing community that was formed throughout the summer months, our team curated the most popular Summer Series webinars and blog posts. From strategies for reimagining Tier 1 to ways to combat unconscious bias in schools to a student's perspective on family engagement, we hope you'll find insights and resources that you can take back to your district or school community.

Expert Q&A: Leading Adult SEL to Combat Systemic Racism and Implicit Bias in Schools

Nearly 800 educators joined us for a conversation with Dr. Tracey Benson–academic activist and author of Unconscious Bias in Schoolson combating systemic racism and implicit bias in schools.

Expert Q&A: Reimagining Tier 1 in a Hybrid Learning Environment

This roundtable featured district and school leaders from Racine Unified School District and SEL implementation experts from CharacterStrong, who discussed the importance of building adult capacity and recommendations for prioritizing student well-being in a hybrid learning environment.


Live Workshop: From All to Every – Seeking to Understand and Learn Alongside Families

In this session, we learned from a Student Voice Expert about the types of support, relationships and mindsets educators need in cultivate in order to support our students’ short and long-term success.


Expert Q&A: Supporting Family Engagement Now and for Back-to-School

Parents are the experts on their children. Yet, district leaders know that promoting family engagement is far from a simple endeavor. On this panel, we were joined by experts from the New Hampshire Department of Education, The Urban Assembly, and Saddleback Valley Unified School District to explore how districts are adapting family engagement frameworks to fit today's context.

Expert Q&A: Addressing Racism with Students and Caring Adults

This discussion with district leaders from Morris School District focused on developing a comprehensive and district-wide equity plan, using design-thinking and student surveys to anchor conversations about race in student voice, and providing professional development to help staff examine unconscious bias.

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