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A free survey tool that measures student perceptions of teaching and learning
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About the Student Survey

Last year, researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Panorama Education launched a first-of-its-kind collaboration to develop a valid and reliable survey tool to measure student perceptions of teaching and learning. Our goal was to develop a survey instrument that would be grounded in the most advanced survey methodology and make it freely accessible for classroom teachers.

Comprehensive Feedback

By measuring student perceptions, the Panorama Student Survey gathers feedback from students about their classroom experience. Decades of research have shown that student perceptions strongly correlate with learning outcomes and can be an important improvement tool for school systems.

We designed the Panorama Student Survey as a series of scales—groups of questions that capture different aspects of the same underlying theme—to allow educators to customize the survey with the topics they value most.

The comprehensive survey covers nine key classroom topics: from pedagogical effectiveness and classroom climate, to student engagement and grit. Thousands of teachers have used the survey as a formative tool, educators have used it to assess the effectiveness of their interventions, and districts have used it as part of educator evaluation systems.

For schools and districts interested in advanced data analysis and survey reporting programs, learn more about the Panorama Survey Platform.

  • Pedagogical Effectiveness -

    A teacher’s instructional methods and delivery of content.

  • Classroom Environment -

    The overall classroom climate including the classroom’s physical, social and psychological environment.

  • Expectations and Rigor -

    The extent to which their teacher holds them to high expectations around their effort, understanding, persistence, and performance in their class.

  • Student Engagement -

    A student's attention to and investment in what goes on in the classroom.

  • Supportive Relationships -

    A teacher’s care and support for their personal development and well-being beyond the classroom.

  • Sense of Belonging -

    The extent to which students feel that they are valued members of their school’s community.

  • Interest in Subject -

    How interesting, important, and useful a student considers a specific subject.

  • Grit -

    A student's ability to persevere through setbacks to achieve important long-term goals.

  • Learning Strategies -

    The extent to which students deliberately use strategies to actively manage their own learning process.

  • Mindset -

    The extent to which students believe that they have the potential to change those factors that are central to their performance in a specific class.

  • School Safety -

    Students' perceptions of their physical and psychological safety while at school.

Research Methodology

The Panorama Student Survey was developed under the leadership of Dr. Hunter Gehlbach, Associate Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Director of Research at Panorama Education. Dr. Gehlbach is a leading survey methodologist and education researcher, and a former high school social studies teacher.

The research team followed a rigorous survey development process that involved multiple rounds of piloting and refinement, following cognitive interviews with students, an extensive review of survey literature, and feedback from experts around the country.

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