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Measure, understand, and develop students’ life skills

Increase student achievement and well-being with Panorama’s research-backed social-emotional learning survey, reporting dashboards, and student support planning tools.

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Supporting SEL for millions of students nationwide

Washoe County School District - Panorama Client
SFUSD San Francisco Public Schools - Panorama Client
Dallas Independent School District - Panorama Client
Second Step - Panorama Client
CORE Districts - Panorama Client
Stafford County Public Schools - Panorama Client

Measure and understand social-emotional strengths and opportunities

Review and analyze data by school, demographic, grade level, or other subgroups to find opportunities for growth, celebrate student successes, and set goals at the district, school, or individual student level. 

Panorama for SEL: CASEL framework dashboard

Create, track, and progress monitor SEL and behavior intervention plans for every student

Monitor and report on the progress of interventions at the student, school, and district levels. Explore hundreds of intervention strategies across academics, behavior, and SEL in Panorama’s Playbook.

 SEL Intervention Planning in Panorama Education

Identify students who need support now and get students’ responses back instantly

Administer a check-in anytime and get students’ responses back instantly. Explore results for individual students and groups of students, and quickly deliver Tier 1 or targeted supports in response to the data.  

Check-ins and SEL surveys for students

Panorama for Social-Emotional Learning

See how Panorama’s SEL measurement tools can help educators prepare students for success in college, career, and life.