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Measure and improve school climate

Build a positive school climate in your school district with research-backed surveys for students, families, teachers and staff.

If you’d like to talk to us right away, reach out at (888) 268-1590 or contact@panoramaed.com.

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2,000 district partners and counting

Park Hill School District - Panorama Client
Seattle Public Schools - Panorama Client
Aspire public schools - Panorama Client
New Bedford Public Schools - Panorama Client
Tulsa Public schools - Panorama Client
Huntington Beach City School District - Panorama Client

Why Choose Panorama

National Benchmarks

Compare your survey data to our national benchmarks on school climate and dozens of other topics. 

National benchmarks on school climate from districts nationwide

Group Analysis

Understand the perspectives of different groups in your school with analyses by race/ethnicity, gender, grade level, FRPL status, and more. 

Group analysis of staff feedback survey data

360° Survey Tools

Measure school climate across different groups in your community with surveys for students, families, teachers and staff. 

360 survey tools: Student-School Survey data of school climate by district