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Panorama Surveys


Create safe, engaging school communities

Promote positive school climate by collecting valid and reliable feedback about what matters most — from belonging and teacher-student relationships, to engagement and school safety.

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2,000 district partners and counting


An end-to-end survey analytics platform

Start by selecting content from Panorama’s research-backed survey instruments, aligned to your school or district’s priorities. Then securely administer your surveys and explore the data with powerful dashboards that highlight trends and focus areas.

Surveys supported in 30+ languages

Monitor response rates in real time and send reminders

Compare survey results to national benchmarks

“On our journey to improve school quality, we asked ourselves, ‘Are we meeting the requirements of our students and families?’ One of those requirements is a safe, caring, welcoming environment, and we now have a better tool to measure that in a reliable and valid way.”

Dr. Mike Kimbrel

Executive Director of Quality & Evaluation, Park Hill School District

View your survey results at a glance

See your high-level results across each topic on your survey to identify strengths and areas for growth against your school or district average.

feedback survey - start with research backed surveys

Identify experience gaps among subgroups

Disaggregate your data by subgroups—including race/ethnicity, grade level, gender, or custom data attributes—to understand experiences and equity.

feedback surveys identify experience gaps between subgroups

Understand the voice of your community

Visualize the voices in your community with free response analytics that organize open-ended text responses into interactive word clouds and highlighted keywords.

feedback surveys understand the voice of your community