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Research-Based Education Tools You Can Trust

Panorama’s team of expert data scientists and researchers help imagine, design, and build research-based tools to improve student outcomes.


Panorama tools meet federal standards for evidence

Panorama Student Success, Panorama for Social-Emotional Learning, and Panorama for Positive Behavior meet the funding requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) standards for Level 4. 

We engaged a third-party evaluator, LearnPlatform, to validate evidence of Panorama’s effectiveness.  

ESSA Level 4 evidence requires:
  • Detailed logic model informed by previous, high-quality research
  • Study planning and research design currently underway for an ESSA Level 3 study

Download the Research Rationale & Logic Models for Level 4 evidence:

Research-backed surveys grounded in survey science best practices

Panorama researchers developed our surveys through a rigorous process that prioritizes validity from the start.  

Our student surveys offer a research-backed means to inform the work of educators, policy makers, and researchers.

Download Panorama’s Reliability and Validity reports:

Our data scientists and researchers ground Panorama’s products in education data and social science

The team leverages equity-first data science to help educators move from measurement to action. They apply their subject matter expertise to envision and improve Panorama tools. 

Panorama Senior Leadership

Sarah Robinson

VP of Product