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Research-Based Education Tools You Can Trust

Panorama’s team of expert data scientists and researchers help imagine, design, and build research-based tools to improve student outcomes.


Panorama tools meet federal standards for evidence

Panorama Student Success, Panorama for Social-Emotional Learning, and Panorama for Positive Behavior meet the funding requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) standards for Level 4. 

We engaged a third-party evaluator, LearnPlatform, to validate evidence of Panorama’s effectiveness.  

ESSA Level 4 evidence requires:
  • Detailed logic model informed by previous, high-quality research
  • Study planning and research design currently underway for an ESSA Level 3 study

Download the Research Rationale & Logic Models for Level 4 evidence:

Research-backed surveys grounded in survey science best practices

Panorama researchers developed our surveys through a rigorous process that prioritizes validity from the start.  

Our student surveys offer a research-backed means to inform the work of educators, policy makers, and researchers.

Download Panorama’s Reliability and Validity reports:

Our data scientists and researchers ground Panorama’s products in education data and social science

The team leverages equity-first data science to help educators move from measurement to action. They apply their subject matter expertise to envision and improve Panorama tools. 

Panorama Leadership

Lisa Woodson

Chief People Officer